Single wagonload

For businesses that require freight transportation on both regular and temporary bases.
We assist you with the transportation of one or several rail wagons, with fixed delivery times in existing train departures and thereby reach 300 destinations. We have wagons suited to all types of freight. Wagons, retrievals and deliveries are included. Wagon loads are also available as a door-to-door solution. 
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Block train 

For those who require large-volume transportation between fixed locations on a regular basis. We create a unique transportation solution together with you. Block train transport usually involves the utilization of an entire train. The timetable, wagon and load-carrier solutions, etc. are based on your requirements. Our solution often becomes an integrated part of our customers’ logistics operations. 
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For those of you who need to transport standardized units between terminals and ports. Where the tracks are not enough, we combine rail with car and offer transport of intermodal units such as trailers, swap bodies and containers. It is an efficient alternative to long-distance truck transport. Green Cargo's intermodal network offers high transport frequency, short lead times and high punctuality.
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Direct routes

For those who demand short lead times and require expedited transportation within Sweden and Europe. We have our own trains that depart in accordance with fixed timetables and there is usually space left on the train until just before departure, which allows for last-minute submissions. 
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Road freight, Nordic region

For operations that require long-distance and local transportation by road, or a combination of road and rail freight. We customize a door-to-door solution based on your needs. Road freight serves as a complement to our rail-freight services. Road freight enables more people to use the railway, when we drive trailers or containers to and from intermodal terminals with rail connections. With our road freight services, we manage customized solutions for transportation to and from the railway, long-distance and local transportation and distribution. 
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International freight

For those who require freight transportation to Europe, primarily by rail. We create a door-to-door solution based on your requirements, through our subsidiary, Green Cargo NTR.
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Freight-handling services

To provide you with comprehensive transport solutions, we offer the coordination of various modes of transport.
We unload and load containers from one mode of transportation to another, which is known as stuffing and stripping. We also offer warehousing, storage and freight lifting. We have the capacity to launch, operate or outsource terminal operations thanks to our extensive network of contacts, which also supports our local connections throughout Sweden.
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