Good Environmental Choice

All of our freight transports carry the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s Good Environmental Choice label. The labeling requires that we report our emissions to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, and that a portion of the electricity we purchase for our rail operations is certified in accordance with Good Environmental Choice.

Environmentally certify your transports

In partnership with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, we offer our customers Good Environmental Choice transports through Green Cargo. Green Cargo is the sole provider of nationwide freight solutions that qualify for the Good Environmental Choice ecolabel. 

Sustainable Logistics Seminar

Since 2004, Green Cargo has been organizing seminars for its customers, centered on sustainable logistics. Guest speakers and representatives of Green Cargo are invited to speak at the seminar about transportation, the environment and other topics relating to sustainability.

Climate Comet of the Year

Green Cargo hands out the Climate Comet of the Year award every year. The prize is awarded to companies that have made significant changes to their logistics set up that have resulted in improvements to the environment.

The Haga initiative

Green Cargo has been a member of the Haga initiative since spring 2014. The Haga initiative is a leading corporate network that works to demonstrate that companies are taking climate issues seriously and that climate initiatives can be profitable.

Sustainability report

Green Cargo has a long tradition of producing comprehensive sustainability reports, which are included in our annual accounts. We presented environmental data in our first sustainability report in 2001 and since 2006, all the data in our sustainability reports is reviewed by external auditors, with the same scrutiny that financial data is always subject to. The overall environmental KPI that is monitored is diesel consumption, measured as liters of diesel per 1,000 net tonne kilometers.