About us

Green Cargo is Sweden’s most experienced operator in rail logistics with roots in the origins of Swedish rail traffic. We deliver sustainable logistics solutions and are an important part of Scandinavia’s trade and industry. Electric trains make up 98 percent of our tonne- kilometrage, meaning the climate impact is very low.

Round the clock, our freight trains transport raw materials from forests and mines to the process industries, and consumer goods to the retail sector. The logistics system is the foundation of Sweden’s prosperity and competitiveness.

Our customers are found in the basic industries, where forestry, steel and paper dominate, but include other sectors, such as the chemical, energy, engineering and automotive industries, as well as the grocery retail sector.

We serve close to 270 locations in Scandinavia through our network, and with our partners we reach all of Europe.

Green Cargo is owned by the Swedish State. We have 1,800 employees, we transport 20 million tonnes of freight, and have annual sales of about SEK 4.2 billion (2023).

Every weekday, we operate some 400 freight trains, thereby replacing around 9,000 truckloads. Our efforts are not limited to a comprehensive reduction of CO2 emissions, but also encompass high energy efficiency, reducing traffic congestion and improving road safety.

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We understand the needs of the market and the customer, allowing us to develop and deliver logistics solutions.

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Sustainable business is integrated into Green Cargo’s business model and governance. We have an integrated management system that is certified within several areas.

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We want to improve the terms and conditions for the transport-dependent industries. An important aspect is molding opinion and political influence.

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For Green Cargo, sustainability entails a holistic approach to responsible enterprise. You can find out more about our financial information here.

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Our services

Which service suits your needs? We manage large quantities of goods, with high frequency and wide distribution.

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Our network

We serve close to 270 locations in Scandinavia through our network, and thousands in Europe. Search for your destination on the map.

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Sustainable logistics

When we talk of sustainable logistics, we refer to the climate friendliness, traffic safety, punctuality and cost-efficiency of our shipments.