Customer service

You can reach our Customer Service department through our switchboard number, +46 (0)10-455 40 00.
Office address: Kraftvärmegatan 2, Hallsberg, Sweden
Postal address: Box 114, SE-694 23 Hallsberg, Sweden.

How can we help you?

  • Claim or damage report regarding a shipment?
  • Do you have other perspectives or suggestions you would like to pass on to us?
  • Report a fault regarding quality or the environment. Are you dissatisfied with our quality or have we impacted the environment negatively?

We will guide you to the best transport solution

Select below what you want to know more about or get our assistance with. Would you like to book a shipment but need to know more about the process? You can also read more about the terms and conditions, and surcharges. Do you need assistance with an ongoing shipment, or do you need to make a claim or report an unloaded wagon?

Train at the station

Would you like to report an incident during shipping? Was the wagon or were the goods damaged? We are here to help.

Train at the station

In cases where Green Cargo supplies the wagon, you need to notify us immediately when the wagon is unloaded. We tell you how.

Train by a lake

This section includes the terms and conditions and price lists for agreements, product appendices, and service offers within Sweden and internationally.

Rails in sunset

Read more here, about how wagons and load carriers should be loaded, as well as the restrictions regarding profiles and tracks.

Train over bridge and sea

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about our rail freight services here.

Train in nature

How does your freight transportation work? We explain that here.