Claims and damage reports

Vagnslast tåg

Would you like to report an incident? Was the wagon or were the goods damaged? Would you like to make a complaint about an invoice? Please make your complaint below.

This page also provides documentation related to damages and claims.

Invoice complaint

If you find something incorrect on your invoice and wish to make a complaint, please send this invoice complaint to

Remember to include the invoice number in the e-mail, as well as a description of what you are disputing.

Damage report – wagon

If a wagon is damaged during loading or unloading, please report it here:

Goods claims

Green Cargo work contiuously with preventive measures to avoid damage, delays and losses, but in case of misfortune, you need to submit a claim as soon as possible.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail when we have received your claim, along with a case number. Once you have received the case number, you can add any photos or other supporting documents to the claim.

Claim notification

If you need any information on how claims are processed and tips on how you can speed up their processing, please follow this link:

Information and tips on how to speed up the claims process

You can find further information about damage below.