Notification of unloaded wagon

Vagnar och medarbetare på bangård

When Green Cargo is the wagon supplier, you need to notify us immediately when the wagon have been unloaded. You can report the unloading by using the web form below.

Form for notification of unloaded wagon

Please note that the unloading notification must be made as soon as possible. Once you submit the form, we will view the wagon as empty. Wagons cannot be reported as unloaded in advance or retroactively.

The conditions for the unloading of the wagon during normal procedure.
The conditions for the unloading of a wagon that has transported waste Pdf, 102 kB..
RID applies to wagons that has transported dangerous goods.

Fill in the 12-digit wagon number coherent whithout space or hyphen below. One wagon number per box:
Assurance: * (mandatory)