Terms, conditions and price lists

Villkor och prislistor

Here is some information about our terms and conditions regarding agreements, product appendices, service offerings and the price lists linked to these. We’ve also included price lists for fees and variable expenses and other surcharges in Sweden and abroad.

Agreement and terms and conditions

Rules for fees and options

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Rules for variable costs

Main agreement – samples

Ordering procedure


As a sender, you must order your shipment via Green Cargo’s Customer Service by no later than 9:00 a.m. one day before your requested date for loading to commence. Deviations from these times, if any, are stated in your customer agreement.

Green Cargo will notify you as soon as possible if the shipment or type of wagons ordered cannot be made available to the sender.

Order confirmation

Order confirmation of the shipment is sent to the customer no later than 1 hour after the order is placed, unless otherwise agreed. The confirmation includes information about the deadline for loading the wagon, the deadline for the consignment note to be submitted to Green Cargo and the estimated time of arrival at the recipient.

The applicable rules and fees charged for cancellations or modifications of an order are published in Appendix 2a under the Fees section.


The sender has a loading time limit of 8 hours – on weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., commencing as of the time that the wagon is available. Loading is considered completed once the goods have been loaded and Green Cargo has received complete freight documentation.


You have an unloading or collection time limit of 8 hours on weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., commencing as of the time that the wagon is available. Read more in “Appendix 2a,” under the Fees section.

When the wagon is unloaded, the customer must immediately send Green Cargo an unloading notification pursuant to the form and other guidelines issued from time to time by Customer Service.

Wagons and loading accessories

At Green Cargo, we are responsible for ensuring that our assigned wagons and loading accessories are in good technical condition and that the wagons are cleaned normally. If additional cleaning is required for the particular type of goods, the sender must bear the cost.

After unloading, the recipient is responsible for cleaning the wagon and restoring it to its original condition.

Definition of normal cleaning for wagons: When all the materials in the wagon total less than one liter, the trolley is considered to have been cleaned normally, but there are some exceptions regarding hazardous goods (RID) and hazardous waste Pdf, 113 kB..

Product conditions


In the event that a customer fails to meet Green Cargo’s terms and conditions, and as a consequence, Green Cargo cannot complete a transportation assignment according to plan without incurring additional investments and/or costs (i.e., a deviation), a fee is to be charged in accordance with Appendix 2a. Fees also arise in the event of a change in availability via the customer regarding the ordered transport (i.e. a change or cancellation).


Options are a complement to Green Cargo’s basic range of transportation products. Options must be agreed upon and included in the agreement, either as a fixed option that is automatically included in the shipment order or as an on-demand option in the shipment order that is utilized from time to time, and in such cases, explicitly stated in the Order Confirmation.

Variable costs

A surcharge is a fee that Green Cargo charges for certain types of variable transports, due to geography or the type of goods. The surcharge is included and visible in the agreement, and is paid for each completed transport.

A price adjustment is a change of the price in an agreement due to renegotiation, index adjustment, pricing errors or changed conditions as stipulated by the agreement.

Hazardous goods surcharge

We charge a hazardous goods fee for transporting hazardous goods. The surcharge is applied at the time of ordering. On the invoice, the surcharge is reported on a separate line under the heading, Surcharges.

The above procedure applies strictly to domestic customer agreements. For international customer agreements, existing procedures shall apply, i.e., the surcharges are registered in the price appendix.

Electricity,diesel and HVO

DMT – Fuel surcharge

Fuel surcharges are usually added to Green Cargo’s truck loads. The surcharge is adjusted monthly, based on data from Statistics Sweden.

“Local” refers to shipments of less than 100 km, while “long-distance” refers to routes of longer than 100 km.

Track fees – Appendix 2c

In addition to prices and fees otherwise charged, Green Cargo is entitled to charge the customer for any port, track charges or terminal fees and similar fees incurred while operating on municipal or private track systems on behalf of the customer. This includes any other such fees that are not included in the Rail Network Statement published by the Swedish Transport Administration.

To see the current fee, click on the file below, “Track Charges.” On the invoice, track charges are reported on a separate line under the heading, Surcharges.

The above procedure applies strictly to domestic customer agreements. For international agreements, existing procedures shall apply, i.e., the track charges listed in the price appendix.

Price list for empty haulage, wagon load traffic – import and export

If you have questions about the price for pulling empty wagons, please contact your dedicated sales representative.