15 May 2020

We have several new inquiries that we gladly take care of, but we also see reduced and cancelled transport needs in certain industry segments. In our daily reconciliations, our cross-functional teams ensure that the right priorities and adjustments are made to maintain our business and to continue to deliver with high punctuality.

Our team of representatives from different parts of the company continues to work hard to speed up the process for extra trains and new inquiries and redistribute the released capacity that has arisen in certain industry areas. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, the total transport volumes are lower, especially in the motor, fuel and steal industries.

We are pleased with the fine response we receive to high perceived customer satisfaction by both customers and partners. Freight transport by rail is an important basis for Sweden's prosperity and consumption. Many of Sweden's industrial companies rely on a functioning freight railway, which is unbeatable in terms of environment and capacity compared to other types of transport.

Like other companies, Green Cargo takes the development of Covid-19 very seriously and follows the authorities' recommendations carefully to ensure that our operations are stable and that we limit the spread of infection of Covid-19 as far as we can. 

As always, our Customer Service is at your disposal in case you have any questions.  


Kind regards, 

Green Cargo Customer Service