“We have to make major decisions every day, but it’s exciting to be onboard and to have an impac

Working as a section leader

To thrive as a section leader and manager, you need to have a positive disposition and a genuine interest in production and in people. In this film, you can meet some of our amazing section leaders and managers, who share their perspectives on their profession, working with us at Green Cargo.

Would you like to work as a section leader or manager with responsibilities for logistics production, and to follow Green Cargo’s change journey? Are you a forward-looking leader who wants to be a part of Sweden’s most experienced rail-logistics company? Then you might be the new colleague we’re looking for!

The company’s great opportunities for personal growth are one of the reasons for our employees’ high level of job satisfaction and why the vast majority choose to stay with Green Cargo. Many of us come from other positions within Green Cargo and there will be other jobs within the company that we can move on to in the future.

For our managers, it is about ensuring that employees always have the opportunity to do a good job. Our managers are eager to do their utmost, because their performance enables marshalling yard employees to perform at their best.

Gruppledare Malin Hultberg

Get to know some of our amazing employees

The film features our employees, who explain what their jobs entail and why they enjoy working at Green Cargo. If you would like to turn on the subtitles for the film, click on the letter “T” at the bottom-right, next to the volume button.

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