“Green Cargo offers great opportunities for career development.”

Working as a train driver

Being a train driver with Green Cargo means that from the driver’s cab, you possibly have the world’s most beautiful workplace, as you proudly transport raw materials from forests and mines to the process industries, and consumer goods to retailers.

Green Cargo’s workplaces offer strong camaraderie and the opportunity to work independently, to take on responsibilities and challenges, and a variety of tasks. Your main assignment is to perform your duties as a train driver on the various routes we operate, which includes shunting work. You will actively help to improve and develop our operations as you will be part of our extensive collaboration between various company functions.

At Green Cargo, you have an important role to play and every day that you go to work, you contribute to Swedish industry, the environment and to green transportation of the future. Change your tracks and head for the future – become a train driver at Green Cargo!

Get to know some of our amazing employees

The films feature our employees, who explain what their jobs entail and why they enjoy working at Green Cargo. If you would like to turn on the film subtitles, click on the letter “T” at the bottom-right, next to the volume button.

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