“I enjoy working at Green Cargo because I get to grow and because the job offers a lot of variet

Working at the marshalling yard

Working as a shunting supervisor/driver is an important and demanding job with a lot of variety, where you spend much of the workday outdoors. You work both independently and as part of a team.

As a shunting supervisor or driver, you work in the marshalling yard area with the switching and shunting of freight wagons. Using radio-controlled locomotives, you shunt wagons from incoming trains to new departing trains. In addition to shunting, your tasks include functional checks and brake tests.

You are part of a comprehensive collaboration between various company functions, where everyone has the same goal – the trains must reach our customers reliably, safely and at the agreed time.

Employment as a shunting driver begins with basic paid training to prepare you for the job. The training includes theory and practice, continuous proficiency tests, and ends with an examination.

As our trains run around the clock, your working hours will vary and involve irregular shift work at all hours of the day.

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