Green Cargo suppliers

This page is for Green Cargo’s suppliers. We explain topics such as Green Cargo’s purchasing process, what may be important to know when invoicing and what requirements we place on our suppliers.


E-invoicing, paper invoices or invoice by e-mail? We’ll show you how!


Safety is our highest priority. Our operations should be associated with high moral standards and good business ethics. Find out how our Code of Conduct impacts suppliers here.


Do you need help with terminal services such as lifting devices? We must be notified, read more about it here.


We protect the environment and want to ensure the most efficient invoice processing possible. Here is some information on how to invoice Green Cargo.


When we talk of sustainable logistics, we refer to the climate friendliness, traffic safety, punctuality and cost-efficiency of our shipments.


Green Cargo is Sweden’s most experienced operator in rail logistics. Round the clock, we drive 400 freight trains for Swedish industry.