Required invoice content

To ensure your invoice is paid, it is very important that you send us all the information we need in the right format. The following must always be included in incoming invoices and submitted within the fields below.



Referensnamn i rätt fält

Svefakt: First occurrence of RequisitionistDocumentReference (Link to PDF with recommendation field content Svefaktura) Pdf, 559 kB.

Peppol: BuyerReference (Link to peppol standard External link.)

Payment information


Additional explanation reference field

The reference is particularly important for Green Cargo to correctly allocate the invoice in its internal system. To process an invoice, we need to receive the ordering party’s name (only the first and last name) in the field provided through the invoice format, according to the above table.

Depending on your e-invoicing solution, enterprise system and invoice format, the name of the field, which is used as the source when creating your invoice, may look different in your user interface.

It is usually called “Reference” or similar, but that designation is sometimes also used for fields that are translated to other sections through the e-invoice exporting process, which can be confusing. We will be happy to help you sort out the field concerned, when you send us a test invoice (see description in the PDF above).

In some cases, the file sent in the Peppol format may be based on a solution that was developed for Svefaktura. If you are a supplier that is using such a solution, it could be easier to identify the right field by being aware that the same information that is specified for Svefaktura in the table above applies in these cases.

Consequently, we need the ordering party’s name to be in the first occurrence of RequisitionistDocumentReference. SFTI recommends that any occurrences of this field be interpreted as BuyerReference in Peppol (see PDF in the table above).

Invoice type

We accept both debit and credit invoices via our e-invoicing service.

Single invoice or summary invoice
Please do not send summary invoices. Single invoices allow for the automated processing of your invoice and thereby, efficient and correct processing.

E-invoice formats

We can accept two different types of e-invoice formats: Peppol Bis Billing 3.0 or Svefaktura 1.0. Our preference is that you invoice us using the Peppol format. Check with your supplier that they use one of these formats.


Approved attachment formats are PDF, TIFF, jpg, html and text/csv. These formats can be added as attachments to the e-invoice. For example, you are welcome to send a picture of the invoice (in one of these approved formats) through your invoice template, i.e., a picture of your outgoing invoice.