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For convenient and faster customer communication, use our digital booking service, Green Cargo Connect. With the services, corporate customers can conveniently book transports, fill in consignment notes and track their transports.

Green Cargo Connect

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If you are a registered customer, you can book and track your transports quickly and easily.

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Our Head of Customer Service explains the advantages for customers who use Green Cargo Connect. If you would like to turn on the subtitles for the film, click on the letter “T” at the bottom-right, next to the volume button.

How do you register your company to Green Cargo Connect?

Our platform offers API services for seamless integration with your company’s systems, as well as the possibility of connecting you to the website interface (the customer portal). You can choose whether you want to connect to one or both solutions. We would be happy to help you get connected and started. We make it easy to be a Green Cargo customer.


  • Quick digital communication
  • Streamlined business processes
  • Facilitates information sharing and transparency
  • Reduces manual processing of data transfers between us
  • Ensures high-quality data processing
  • Book your shipments more conveniently
  • Direct reporting in case of any rebooking
  • Possibility of connecting additional systems for your benefit

We connect more systems that create benefit for you

Our digital solutions through Green Cargo Connect enable you to quickly and easily book transports, track them and receive information about each transport. We currently offer features for domestic wagon loads and intermodal transports. We will be developing additional digital services, such as for displaying available capacity and lead times in our network, booking international transports and expanded transport tracking.

Which option suits you best?

Customer portal

The customer portal features a user-friendly web interface for booking, canceling and tracking transports, and creating consignment notes. An account is created for you to log in to the customer portal, where you can make bookings based on your agreement with us. Bookings can be made by smartphone or computer. Further development is under way, in accordance with internal and external needs and opportunities. Therefore, we appreciate feedback about your particular needs.

API Portal

With the Application Programming Interface (API), your company’s system can communicate directly with our booking system to allow for a smooth transfer of information and a customized booking procedure. The API portal offers access to implemented services and features.

The portal offers the corresponding features found in our existing customer portal, but our ongoing development enables additional APIs and customization to your specific needs.

For more information:

FAQ » Pdf, 184 kB.

We help you to set up the connection!

If you are uncertain or have any questions, you are most welcome to contact Green Cargo’s customer service. We will respond to your questions and to set up the connection.

Welcome onboard!