Scandi Bulk and Green Cargo collaborate on intermodal freight by rail.

Scandi Bulk lastning på terminal i Göteborg

Scandi Bulk is active in the intermodal transport of chemicals, using its own tank containers. The company operates about three hundred units throughout the world. In order to be competitive, their aim is to utilize the longest possible distances by rail and the shortest possible distances by road.

“Green Cargo has a large number of railway terminals and ports that connect the whole of Sweden, which enables us to minimize the distance by road. Climate factors are becoming increasingly relevant, with customers placing more focus on the climate. We complement each other and have collaborated successfully to develop a number of solutions that generate added value for customers,” explains Johan Ljungmark of Scandi Bulk.

For Scandi Bulk, the economy and climate go hand in hand, which means that utilizing rail for longer distances will not only be better for the climate, but will also be economically beneficial.

Carbon-neutral value chains need long, heavy and energy-efficient trains with low emissions for transporting our customers’ goods domestically and internationally. For increased flexibility and operations that require long-distance and local transportation by road, or a combination of road and rail freight, we offer customized solutions for transportation to and from the railway, long-distance and local transportation, as well as distribution.

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In the film, the customer talks about our collaboration and solutions. If you would like to turn on the film subtitles, click on the letter “T” at the bottom-right, next to the volume button.

Every tonne of reduction in carbon emissions is of significance and Swedish rail constitutes a superior logistics component, with its low climate footprint. A sustainable and well-functioning cargo transportation system is essential to our key industries and for Sweden as a trading nation.