Quality and punctuality are important parameters for St1

Volvotåg utanför Hallsberg

St1 Nordic Oy’s vision is to be the leading producer and seller of CO₂-aware energy. The Group works with research and development aimed at developing economically viable energy solutions that reduce environmental impact. St1 focuses on the marketing of fuels, oil refining and renewable energy solutions such as sophisticated waste-based biofuels and industrial-scale wind power. The Group has 1,290 stores and filling stations under the brands St1 and Shell, in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

St1 and Green Cargo have had a long collaboration of nearly 27 years, starting in 1996. Since its inception, Green Cargo has transported more than 11,500,000 tonnes of fuel (gasoline/diesel) in more than 15,000 trains, from Skarvikshamnen to the Karlstad and Jönköping depots.

“At St1, we work daily towards our vision of being the leading producer and seller of CO₂-aware energy, with the goal of developing and offering new, renewable fuels and modern solutions that reduce climate impact. Our collaboration with Green Cargo has enabled us to jointly transport fuel by rail, as a complement to, for example, sea and road freight. Furthermore, we have had a successful partnership with Green Cargo for several years, which was an important basis for the decision to renew our agreement,” explains Jonas Rylander, Head of Projects and Technology at St1 Logistics.

The agreement covers:

  • Transportation, including the unloading of train sets between Gothenburg Pölsebo and Karlstad
  • Transportation between Gothenburg Pölsebo – Jönköping
  • Shunting contractor in Pölsebo, Gothenburg

Green Cargo helps many companies to achieve their environmental goals by offering transportation with low energy consumption. The electricity bought to power the transportation comes from renewable sources, providing large-scale fossil-free transportation.