Intermodal freight

Where the rail network coverage is insufficient, we combine rail and road, by offering transportation of intermodal units, such as trailers, swap bodies and containers. This comprises an efficient alternative to long-distance road freight.

Intermodal karta maj 2023

Green Cargo’s intermodal network offers high transport frequency, short lead times and a high level of punctuality to 20 terminals and ports. The solution can be combined with trucks for a door-to-door solution.

Terminal information and fixed timetables

For our intermodal network, we use combi terminals in collaboration with terminal operators in Sweden.

Waste transport

We see waste transport by rail as a fantastic combination of handling waste products with the most climate-smart form of transport. Waste transport applies to domestic as well as international. We help you develop a transport solution that meets all safety and environmental requirements, and that takes place in accordance with current regulations.

Would you like to contribute to a better environment and reduce your emissions?

Then include rail for your intermodal freight. As a customer, you can easily book your transports through our customer portal, Green Cargo Connect, where you can also track and stay updated about your transports.

Below is an example of reduced carbon emissions in an intermodal solution between Trelleborg and Hallsberg, and Trelleborg and Umeå.

Tåg lastbilar karta

Rail freight*
Trelleborg – Hallsberg
Electric train = 6 kg CO2e
Truck = 550 kg CO2e

Road freight
Trelleborg – Umeå:
Electric train = 16 kg CO2e
Truck = 1,500 kg CO2e

*Applies to one trailer/container with 24 tonnes of freight one way
CO2e = Carbon-dioxide equivalents

For questions regarding prices and transport, contact:

Green Cargo sales


We update traffic information continuously in the event of any changes.


As a customer, you can conveniently book and track your transports through Green Cargo Connect – our digital booking service.

Terminal ferry and trains

We manage large quantities of goods, with high frequency, both domestically and internationally.