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With Europe Connect, we offer a rail solution that is not only reliable and efficient but also climate-smart. Our continuous efforts to improve and expand our services make us the obvious partner for your international transport needs. Discover the benefits of Europe Connect and elevate your logistics to the next level.

Why choose Europe Connect?

With our new Vectron locomotives, transport runs smoothly from Malmö to Rheinkamp in Germany, where our partners, including Rail Cargo Austria, Forwardis, and Captrain, take over the wagons and transport them further across Europe to the final destination.

Central hub in Rheinkamp

Rheinkamp, located in the strategically important Ruhr area, now serves as a central hub in our network. We have expanded our services with wagon groups in direct trains between Rheinkamp and Antwerp, providing two to three round trips per week. With Rheinkamp as a hub, we enable fast and efficient import and export traffic between Sweden and France, Spain.

Expanded service offering

Europe Connect not only offers frequent departures – we have also expanded our service offering. Our customers' needs for transport monitoring are met with a new control tower, which will provide full service around the clock. The control tower, currently under construction, will be completed in October.

Departures and arrivals

  • From Malmö: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 05:00, arriving in Rheinkamp the next day at 02:00 (20-hour lead time).
  • From Rheinkamp: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 07:00, arriving in Malmö the next day at 03:00 (20-hour lead time).

Frequency and destinations

  • Three round trips per week with the potential to increase to five to six round trips for even better frequency and lead times.
  • Transport solutions to and from Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, and Belgium.

For questions regarding prices and transport, contact:

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