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Our transportation network offers sustainable, safe and punctual transportation within Scandinavia and to and from the rest of Europe. We serve around 270 tariff points to about 200 locations in Scandinavia, and many destinations in Europe. Search for your destination on the map.

The Swedish Transport Administration has information about terminals and rail loading sites.

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Intermodal freight

Direct routes (international)

Efficient network

Our extensive network enables us to deliver with great precision. We have resources located throughout Sweden, from north to south and from east to west. We connect nearly 300 locations in Sweden and cater to transportation needs that vary from a few wagons a day to entire trains. This allows many companies to choose rail. Together with our partners, we also link the Swedish market with thousands of locations in continental Europe.

Timetables and resources

We offer companies throughout the country the opportunity to ship their goods in our network in a safe, climate-friendly and cost-efficient manner. We have the locomotives, wagons and staff on site, and we offer timetables that are suitable both to preplanned solutions and to on-call freight purchases – everything from single wagons to entire trains.


Our services

Which service suits your needs? We manage large quantities of goods, with high frequency and wide distribution.


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Using our digital solutions, you can quickly and easily book your shipments, track them smoothly and receive up-to-date information at every step.