Wagon load

We offer fixed delivery times for wagon loads using existing train departures, high precision, substantial freight capacity, accessibility and reliability. Our wagon load offering is suitable for operations that require regular or occasional freight transportation.

Additional services for wagon loads

We transport one or more rail wagons with fixed delivery times in existing train departures for all types of freight. Possibility of a door-to-door solution, regardless of whether you want to fill one or more rail wagons.

Waste transport

We see waste transport by rail as a fantastic combination of handling waste products with the most climate-smart form of transport. Waste transport applies to domestic as well as international. We help you develop a transport solution that meets all safety and environmental requirements, and that takes place in accordance with current regulations.

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Together with our customers, we create climate-smart and cost-efficient transportation. Read about some of our customers’ challenges, solutions and results.


Using our digital solutions, you can quickly and easily book your transports, track them smoothly and receive up-to-date information at every step.


We manage large quantities of goods, with high frequency, both domestically and internationally.


Our network

We serve close to 300 destinations in Scandinavia and thousands in Europe. Search for your destination on the map.