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Climate-smart and cost-efficient transportation.

Sustainable logistics

Sustainability has long been a natural topic in our operations, and we assume social, environmental and financial responsibility. When we talk of sustainable logistics, we don’t just consider the climatic element, but also the traffic safety, punctuality and cost-efficiency of our transports.

Climate-smart and cost-efficient transportation

Green Cargo is the largest train operator in Sweden. There is a wealth of experience on freight transportation within the company, whether it concerns rail logistics or road freight operations. The company’s customers are found in the basic industries, where forestry, steel and paper dominate, but include other sectors, such as the chemical, energy, engineering and automotive industries, as well as the grocery retail sector.

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Every weekday, we operate some 400 freight trains, thereby replacing around 9,000 truckloads. We serve close to 270 locations in Scandinavia through our network, and with our partners we reach all of Europe. In 2023, our net tonne kilometrage totalled 10.3 billion.

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Our values

We are competent. We dare. We care. We deliver.

Train in nature

Our business concept

We develop and deliver efficient and sustainable rail logistics with Scandinavia as our home market.

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Our vision

World-class rail logistics.

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Our services

Which service suits your needs? We manage large quantities of goods, with high frequency and wide distribution.

Social responsibility

We always take our environment into consideration and seek to promote a well-functioning society and Swedish industry. Our operations comprise a safe and attractive workplace, and we welcome and maintain an open and honest dialog with our stakeholders.

Low environmental impact

We offer our customers climate-smart logistics solutions based on electric trains. Trains are very energy-efficient and, in combination with the purchase of 100% renewable electricity, we can deliver large-scale transportation with high environmental performance. Electric trains make up 98 percent of our tonne kilometrage, meaning the climate impact is next to zero. We work continuously to further improve our energy efficiency and reduce our environmental impact, for example through locomotives that are more energy-efficient, start-stop functions in diesel locomotives and education in eco-driving for our train drivers.

Punctual transportation

Green Cargo defines delivery punctuality to customers as “loaded wagons to customers within the appointed hour.” To achieve a high level of punctuality, we follow up on our train punctuality internally through systematic inspections and follow-up on preparing trains in time for departures and arrivals.

Economic sustainability

The sustainable undertakings in our offering lead to long-term customer relationships based on trust. The goal is to meet our owner’s financial requirements for sustainable long-term financial performance and to make our customers more competitive. We apply a broader perspective than merely a financial one to the control and leadership of our company. This ensures that sustainability permeates all of our operations.

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Safety forms the basis for quality in terms of Green Cargo’s deliveries to customers; it provides employees with a safer work environment and reduces costs.

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We understand the needs of the market and the customer, allowing us to develop and deliver logistics solutions.

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About us

Green Cargo is Sweden’s most experienced operator in rail logistics. Round the clock, we drive 400 freight trains for Swedish industry.

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Our network

We serve close to 300 destinations in Scandinavia and thousands in Europe. Search for your destination on the map.