Green finance

Sustainability has long been a natural part of Green Cargo’s operations. For us, the concept encompasses a holistic approach to responsible and sustainable business – that we assume social, environmental and financial responsibility. This forms the basis for creating long-term profitability.

Sustainability issues have been fully integrated with the management and leadership of Green Cargo in all areas. Establishing and determining a framework for green finance is a natural step and strengthens a long-term and close relationship with lenders and banks. Green Cargo’s goals are for the majority of new financing to be classified as green or otherwise related to sustainability according to international principles and standards in the area.

Framework for Green and sustainability-linked financing

In April 2023, Green Cargo updated the framework for green financing that was launched in 2019. The new framework includes Green and sustainability-linked financing. Green Cargo has engaged Nordea as an advisor in the work to develop the framework and CICERO Shades of Green to provide an independent assessment of the framework's design and level of ambition.

The framework is based on ambitious goals for fossil-free transport and energy efficiency in relation to transport work carried out, and investments in green assets. It is well connected with Green Cargo's ambition to reduce its climate footprint and contribute to the goals according to Agenda 2030.

Green Cargo Sustainable Finance Framework 2023 (eng) » Pdf, 754 kB.

CICERO Shades of Green

To ensure that the green framework meets ambitious sustainability requirements, the independent analysis institute CICERO Shades of Green issued an opinion on the framework. They awarded the framework the highest certification (“Dark Green”) for the green terms and “Good” for governance.

CICEROs statement Pdf, 1 MB.

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