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Major track works continue to negatively affect train traffic during May

Starting the week beginning March 13, major track works will begin around Sweden. Planning from the Swedish Transport Administration is not yet complete, which in turn means that we are unable to establish our running plan for your freight transportation. We currently do not know how significant the impact will be, however we anticipate that the planning delays will affect most of our transport network.

The reason for the incomplete traffic plan

We cannot plan and confirm lead times for our customers for two main reasons. The first is the continued impact of the Swedish Transport Administration’s implementation of market-adapted capacity planning (MPK), which is delaying confirmation of timetables to operators.

The other reason is the track works the Swedish Transport Administration has planned around the country. The effect will reach beyond the lines being worked on – the delay in planning will affect the entire network. That is why we cannot currently provide a complete prognosis regarding the effects or the extent of changes to lead times. The impact on traffic will be the greatest in April and May, but disruptions can occur throughout all of T23.

Customers can book rail transports as usual, but the lead times displayed in the customer portal are preliminary and subject to change. This means that confirmed bookings can be rescheduled with short notice. These will be coded as “rescheduled due to late timetable,” which we will attribute to force majeure.

We will continue to work hard together with the Swedish Transport Administration to minimize any delays that could impact you as a customer.

Below you see current information about changes and canceled trains. Customers with freight transportation according to specific timetables are transported according to these. For more information about your transport, please contact your customer service representative.

Track maintenance impact on traffic in May

Here you will find the track maintenance impact of transport in May.

  • Limited capacity Malmö-Denmark, Malmö-Maschen, affects traffic to Denmark and further to the continent in the period 230320–230505.
  • No traffic to/from Mora/Blyberg Friday 230519.
  • No traffic to/from Ludvika in the period 230515–230519.
  • Only 1 train to / from Tunadal in the period 230502–230519, means arrival Tunadal at 07.43 and departure at 16.14.
  • Departure Solbacka is brought forward approx. 1 hour. 230303–230305, 230310–230312, 230317–230319.
  • Rottneros arrives and departs 4 hours earlier 230315 and 230517.
  • No traffic to/from Södertälje Friday 230519.
  • No traffic to/from Nykvarn Friday 230519.
  • No traffic Gothenburg – Halmstad and vice versa Friday 230519.
  • No traffic to/from Varberg 230518–230519.
  • Intermodal direct line Trelleborg – Gamlarp – Årsta canceled 230501 and 230518.

Track and switch exchange Örebro-Frövi period 230312–230515.

  • Canceled trains and reduced capacity throughout the network.
  • Will mean longer lead times.
  • Will mean changed departure times and arrival times.

Track work Gothenburg Harbor Line, the period 230428 to 230501 and 230518 to 230521.

  • Reduced capacity in general throughout Gothenburg.
  • No traffic to/from Pölsebo, Gothenburg Älvsborgshamnen, Gothenburg Eurobridge, Gothenburg Bilhamnen, Centralharpan, Gothenburg Volvo, Gothenburg Kville, Gothenburg Skandiahamnen.

May Day and Ascension Day

Traffic is carried out according to the regular schedule on all non-holiday weekdays, with the exception of the adjustment below.

  • Kalmar is operated on Tuesday 230502.
  • Kalmar is operated on Wednesday 230517.
  • Kumla is operated on Friday 230519.
  • Örebro and Mosås are operated on Tuesday 230502.
  • Oskarshamn is operated on Tuesday 230502.
  • Hultsfred is operated on Tuesday 230502.
  • Ystad is operated on Tuesday 230502.
  • Lilla Edet is served Tuesday 230502 and Friday 230519.
  • Smedjebacken is operated on Tuesday 230502.
  • Falkenberg is operated on Tuesday 230502.
  • Rottneros is operated on Tuesday 230502.
  • Avesta and Fors operate on Tuesday 230502.
  • Åstorp is not operated on Tuesday 230502.
  • Mönsterås Bruk operates on Tuesday 230502.
  • Landskrona is operated on Wednesday 230503.
  • Västerås, Surahammar and Hallstahammar are operated on Friday 230519.

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