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Track maintenance impact on traffic august

Below you can see what we currently know about changes and canceled trains. Customers who drive according to specific driving plans are transported according to these. For further information about your particular transport, contact your regular customer coordinator at Customer Service.

  • No traffic to/from Jönköping on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the period 240708–240811.
  • No traffic to/from Hofors 240822–240823.
  • Line Trelleborg– Årsta - Årsta - Trelleborg canceled 240816
  • No traffic to/from Trelleborg 240817.
  • No traffic to Kirunavaara 240803, 240805, 240819.
  • No traffic from Kirunavaara 240804, 240805, 240819.

Contact line replacement Sävenäs Rangerbangård 240629–240819

Big impact for our wagon load traffic in above all reduced capacity, flexibility but also in some cases worsened lead times.

  • Transports to/from the following toll points may have a 24-hour longer lead time

    Billingsfors, Lilla Edet, Bohus, Gothenburg Marieholm, Stenungsund, Kville, Gothenburg Volvo, Pölsebo, Gothenburg Skandiahamnen Mitt, Gothenburg Skandiahamnen West, Gothenburg Arendal, Gothenburg Centralharpan, Rottneros, Karlstad, Munkedal, Värö, Varberg, Falkenberg and Halmstad.
  • Transports to/from the following toll points may have a one to two day longer lead time. Gothenburg Stora, Gothenburg Skandiahamnen South.

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