Green Cargo’s Board of Directors

Andreas Regnell

Born: 1966

Chairman since: 2022

Current assignments: Head of Strategic Development at Vattenfall AB

Previous assignments: Senior Partner and Managing Director, Managing Partner of Nordic Region, The Boston Consulting Group, Analyst and Account Manager at Citibank

Other assignments: Board Member of the Board of Hybrit Development AB, Board Member of Energiföretagen Sverige AB.

Education: B.Sc. Economics

Karin Strömberg

Born: 1956

Board member since: 2022

Current assignments: Board work, investor

Previous assignments: Senior Vice President SAS Airline, CEO and co-owner of PharmaRelations AB

Other assignments: Chairman of the Board of Svensk Bilprovning AB, Chairman and Board member of part-owned companies

Education: B.Sc. Economics

Sten Olsson

Born: 1953

Board member since: 2022

Current assignments: Self-employed and Managing Director of Östgötalänken AB

Previous assignments: State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister’s Office

Other assignments: Chairman of the Board of the Swedish Tax Agency, Chairman of the Board of the National Property Board and Board member of Ellevio AB

Education: Technical upper secondary education

Charlotte Gaarn Hansson

Born: 1962

Board member since: 2019

Current assignments: CEO of Scandinavian Insight Consulting

Board assignments: Chairman of Hedins bil and Link Top Holding; and Board member of DistIT, Stena Trade & Industry, Bergman & Beving and Probi

Previous assignments: CEO of MTD Morgontidig Distribution i Sverige and Jetpak Sverige; and senior positions at Danzas ASG and Eurocargo

Education: Biochemist, University of Copenhagen; and Market Economist, IHM

Michael Thorén

Born: 1969

Board member since: 2018. Member of the Audit and Remuneration Committees

Current assignments: Deputy assistant, Ministry of Industry

Board assignments: Board member of Metria and Lernia

Previous assignments: Analyst at ABN/Amro Bank, Project Manager at Retriva Kredit

Education: M.Sc. Business and Economics, Karlstad University

Catarina Fritz

Born: 1963

Board member since: 2019. Chairman of the Audit Committee

Current assignments: CFO and Vice President, Akademiska Hus AB

Previous assignments: CFO at Keolis Sverige, Frösunda LSS, Addici, Aditro Group and the Stockholm Stock Exchange

Education: B.Sc. Economics

Crister Fritzson

Born: 1961

Board member since: 2020

Current assignments: CEO at Net Insight AB

Previous assignments: CEO and President of SJ AB and Teracom; CEO of Boxer

Education: Marketing Diploma and Higher Business Administration program

Donny Sjöberg

Union representative and deputy since 2017

Anders Gustavsson

Union representative and deputy since 2004

Jerker Liljeberg

Union representative since 2013

Jonas Blomqvist

Union representative since 2017