Hazardous waste

On November 1, 2020, requirements were tightened for businesses to report data about their hazardous waste to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s new waste register. All businesses that produce, transport and/or receive hazardous waste are affected by this expanded reporting obligation.

This means that as of November 1, 2020, all businesses concerned must keep records and report their data on hazardous waste to the new waste register.

As your carrier, we ask that whenever you book a shipment of hazardous waste with us, that you specify and/or attach to the consignment note/bill of lading:

  • Any required attachments
  • The EWC code (to be stated on the consignment note/bill of lading)

EWC codes for hazardous waste are always stated as a six-digit waste code followed by an asterisk (*) – the asterisk indicates that the waste is hazardous.

Together, we will ensure that shipments of hazardous waste are reported and kept under control!