Rail freight provides greater flexibility to the green transition for LKAB.

LKAB kundcase

LKAB offers sustainable iron-ore, mineral and specialty products for the international market. They are leading the green transformation of the iron and steel industry, by developing sponge iron and other carbon-free processes and products. LKAB has been active since 1890, with its base in Norrbotten, and has 4,500 employees in 12 countries.

Their total shipments per day, including additional trains, consist of around 1,200 tonnes of products. This corresponds to 24 long-haul trucks leaving one per hour, around the clock, all year round, back and forth between Luleå and Malmfälten. The traffic includes seven circulations per week, all year round, as well as shunting in Luleå, Gällivare and Kiruna.

“Rail freight is crucial to our operations, not only the ore trains, but also the trains that transport input goods to our own processes. For example, we need a continuous supply of cement to reinforce the rock in our underground mines. This agreement secures those shipments and entails greater logistics flexibility toward our major green transition,” explains Linda Bjurholt, Logistics Manager at LKAB and CEO of LKAB Malmtrafik.

LKAB is provided with a dedicated customer-service team that takes overall responsibility for deliveries and the development of new digital and operational services. Green Cargo’s digital services allow for customers’ value chains to be optimized using APIs and AI, which monitor customers’ stock levels and automatically order the supply of raw materials.

Another crucial aspect of Green Cargo’s offer is its own maintenance depot in Boden, which works with preventive maintenance, overhaul and repair of electric and diesel locomotives, and also provides service in the field. Its operations also provide the basis for the winter testing of new locomotive types and wagons, with the aim of creating robust and safe transport solutions over time for Green Cargo’s customers.