“I am in daily contact with our customers from every business sector in Sweden.”

Working as a logistics partner

Lina works as a logistics partner (also known as a customer coordinator). She and her colleagues cover the daily contact with our customers representing every business sector in Sweden. We’re organized as industry-sector teams with different skills areas. This enables us to provide customers with the best possible support.

Lina always starts the day by checking on the status of customers’ freight traffic over the previous evening and night. I then check with colleagues at other locations which wagons we have available for traffic and that everything’s in place for today’s deliveries. It’s important to us that our customers’ goods arrive as planned and we therefore respond quickly if anything unexpected happens.

In her spare time, Lina plays roller derby. It’s an intensive sport but also involves a lot of tactics. Success requires close teamwork, which Lina says is exactly the way it is at Green Cargo. Our successful deliveries are dependent on good teamwork among us as employees, as well as between us and our customers.

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In the film, Lina explains what her job in Customer Service entails and why she enjoys working at Green Cargo. If you would like to turn on the subtitles for the film, click on the letter “T” at the bottom-right, next to the volume button.

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