Safety first

Medarbetare bangård Säkerheten främst

Safety forms the basis for quality in terms of Green Cargo’s deliveries to customers; it provides employees with a safer work environment and reduces costs. Our safety efforts aim to prevent all types of accidents in our operations and to minimize the risk of near misses.

Safety is our top priority, and the principal and most important safety target is that no employee of the company should lose their life or suffer a serious injury due to operations. For us, reducing risk means endeavoring to prevent all kinds of accidents.

Safety is the foundation for better deliveries to customers, it reduces the risk of emissions of hazardous substances that impact on the environment or immediate surroundings and it improves the work environment. Safety is also about preventing the railway system from being used in a way that is detrimental to society or the company.

Green Cargo engages in industry-wide safety initiatives through the industry and employer association, Tågföretagen, and in direct collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration and other rail operators. We also participate in managing the traffic safety decisions for railway (TTJ).

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In the film, you will hear Karin Hesse, our Safety manager, talk about Green Cargo's safety work, what we do to prevent all types of accidents. If you wish to see the film with subtitles, click on the letter T at the bottom right next to the volume button. If you click on the gear wheel, you select the language English.