TT-Line establishes new connections with Green Cargo.

TT-lines fartyg i inloppet till Trelleborgs hamn

Since 1962, the family-owned TT-Line has connected the German port of Travemünde with the Swedish port of Trelleborg, and has continuously expanded its routes and crossings. TT-Line is a ferry company that operates in the southern Baltic Sea and connects Trelleborg with all European corridors.

“We have jointly invested in development and new growth opportunities within the intermodal business. The best thing about our collaboration is that we make things happen. With very short notice, we launched the Årsta route. It began as just an idea and it was challenging, but we got things going and established the route. We are perfect partners for further developing new sustainable solutions – for us and our customers,” explains Christian Carl, Head of Intermodal Unit and Key Account Manager at TT-Line.

Flexibility is highly important for TT-Line. Train arrivals and departures must perfectly match ship departures and arrivals. Lead times at the ports are very short – in order to guarantee the best service for customers.

TT-Line regards Green Cargo as the obvious partner in Sweden for establishing networks through sustainable rail freight. TT-Line has several connections to all the corridors in Europe and in Sweden, they recognize the potential to establish new connections and to grow together with Green Cargo.

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