E-invoicing at Green Cargo hos Green Cargo

To protect the environment and ensure efficient invoice processing, e-invoicing is the primary option for sending invoices to Green Cargo. We can accept e-invoices in the formats: Peppol BIS billing 3.0 and Svefaktura 1.0. Our preference is that you invoice us using the Peppol format.

Below is our process to connect suppliers to e-invoicing. If you have any questions, please contact us via einvoice@greencargo.com

The instructions in full are also available in Microsoft Word Word, 89 kB.

1. Contact Green Cargo with your company information

Before you can send us an e-invoice, we need to set things up technically. Therefore, we need the following information, which you should send to einvoice@greencargo.com.

  • EDI address/peppol ID
  • Company name
  • Your operator
  • Contact point
    • Name
    • Telephone
    • E-mail

2. Connect your e-invoice supplier to Opus Capita

If you are already working with an e-invoicing service provider (operator), please contact your service provider and ask them to connect you to Opus Capita. You can also find a list of available operators Word, 52 kB. » (Link to Word file, 50 kB) who are affiliated with Opus Capita. Choose an operator from the list and sign an agreement.

You can also contact Opus Capita via customerservice.se@opuscapita.com

3. Set up routing to Green Cargo

When your e-invoice supplier is connected to Opus Capita, they will need to set up routing to Green Cargo. They do this by entering our e-invoice information below. Check with your e-invoice operator if you need help or run into a problem.

Green Cargo’s e-invoicing information

Company name

Green Cargo

Corporate Registration Number


EDI address


E-invoice operator

Opus Capita

E-invoice operator contact point




Green Cargo contact point

Mari Niemi

Green Cargo e-mail


Green Cargo telephone

+46 (0)10-455 40 00

4. Submit a test invoice

Create an invoice using the required invoice content, which you can find here, for a total amount of SEK 1.00 and label the invoice clearly that it is for test purposes. Then send the test invoice to your e-invoice operator, who then forwards it to our operator, OpusCapita.

Notify us that you have sent us a test invoice via einvoice@greencargo.com. We will get back to you if any changes are required and confirm whether the invoice meets our requirements.

5. Begin sending E-invoices

Once the test invoice is approved, you can start sending us e-invoices!