Norra Skog invests in rail to increase freight capacities.

Norra Skog

Norra Skog is one of the three largest forest owners’ associations in Sweden and represents approximately 27,000 members from Medelpad, Jämtland and the north. Together, the diversity of members are contributing to future generations through sustainable use of the forest’s renewable raw materials.

Norra Skog is seeing an increase in rail traffic in terms of volume and the number of loading sites for the volumes, due to climate, environmental and economic reasons.

“Here, Green Cargo is an important partner in developing useful, flexible solutions for storage facilities and timetables that meet Norra Skog’s needs for wagon loads and specialized freight shipments. This includes the inlandsbanan, stambanan and various sections of the rail network,” explains Sören Staaf, Logistics Manager at Norra Skog.

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Specialized freight transportation consists of customer-unique system solutions for transporting very large volumes between fixed destinations. This solution is for customers who need regular transportation capacity between fixed destinations in the block train that can be integrated into the customer’s production process.