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Track maintenance impact on traffic in February

The Swedish transport administration has not constructed all working time tables which means that we cannot provide a estimation on the impact or the change of transport times. This will be updated continuously on our homepage.

  • 5 hour delayed shunting in Ludvika during 13-02-2013 to 26-02-2023 as well as a operation day change to Tuesday and Thursday.
  • No traffic to/from Fors 27-02-2023 as well as 06-03-2023.
  • 4 hour delayed shunting in Iggesund during 06-02-2023 to 15-02-2023.
  • No traffic to/from Falköping from 27-02-2023 to 19-03-2023.
  • 1 day extended transport time from Sölvesborg to Gothenburg Volvo during 13-02-2023 to 22-02-2023.
  • There may be one day extended transport time for traffic to Halmstad during 13-02-2023 to 22-02-2023.

Customers with scheduled transports will be transported accordingly.

For more information about your transport, please contact your customer service representative.

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