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ASTOC and Seko have not yet agreed on a new central collective agreement - the date for the effective date of industrial action brought forward to May 15 at 15:00

ASTOC (Association of Swedish Train Operating Companies) and Seko (a Swedish trade union) have not yet agreed on a solution in the negotiations for a new central collective agreement. Due to this, Seko's union board has decided to bring forward the entry into force of the notice of industrial action to May 15 at 15:00.

The negotiations have primarily dealt with the issue of late schedule changes, a shortening of working hours and a ban on solitary work in passenger transport.

Due to this announcement, Green Cargo has had to re-plan in the near future the traffic based on the entry into force of the industrial action. We do our utmost to address these challenges in a way that provides the least possible impact to our customers given the circumstances.

We follow the development closely in collaboration with ASTOC/Almega and inform continuously through our established information channels.

Green Cargo will invoke force majeure for the traffic that has already been prevented and will be prevented in the future due to the industrial action.

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