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No cancellation fee for transports during the period 26 June to 31 August

The Swedish Transport Administration is continuing to experience major issues with the delivery of timetables to freight train operators as well as in the maintenance planning and updated train timetables for the rest of year (track maintenance). There are still several areas for the Swedish Transport Administration to fix in order for the system to function fully. Green Cargo takes several measures to minimize any delays and cancellations that may affect you as a customer. A further measure is that we remove the cancellation fee for cancellations during the period 26 June to 31 August.

During summer, the Swedish Transport Administration conducts a considerable number of planned track maintenance works across the country. Even though the Swedish Transport Administration has postponed a number of track maintenance works in the summer, this will not be enough. Green Cargo has clearly stated that more non-essential track maintenance must be postponed to create scope for sustainable planning conditions to ensure that freight transportation can be conducted.

We want to further minimize the challenges you experience and therefore remove the cancellation fee for cancellations that take place during the period 26 June to 31 August. We hope this will make it easier for you.

For up-to-date information, follow the situation here on the Traffic Information page or contact your regular customer coordinator at Customer Service.

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