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Track maintenance and delayed timetable deliveries will continue to negatively impact rail traffic in October

The Swedish Transport Administration is continuing to experience major issues with identifying conflicts as a result of track maintenance and the on time delivery of revised planning information to train operators as well as the maintenance planning and updated train timetables for the rest of year. The deterioration in data and the delayed timetable deliveries are primarily due to the Swedish Transport Administration’s introduction of the MPK system for traffic planning. The introduction of and implementation of the system has required and will continue to require additional resources. Additionally, there are many issues for the Swedish Transport Administration to remedy before the system can fully function. We are currently receiving timetables with 0–2 days’ notice (18 weeks required by regulations), which is challenging to resolve the train paths that clash with track maintenance.

Customers can book wagon loads as usual, but the lead times displayed in the customer portal are preliminary and subject to change. This means that confirmed bookings can be rescheduled with short notice. These will be coded as “rescheduled due to late timetable.”

The current situation constitutes grounds for relief for Green Cargo, in accordance with our product terms and conditions for the respective transportation services and entails that the time for delivery can be extended.

The circumstances are liable to change rapidly and, in which case, we will keep you updated to the best of our ability about any changes. You are also encouraged to monitor the traffic information that we publish on our website.

We will continue to work hard together with the Swedish Transport Administration to minimize any delays or late cancellations that could impact you as a customer. Green Cargo will also attempt to mitigate circumstances that could prevent us from discharging our undertakings in the customer contracts, and also provide notice when we are not able to comply with the agreement.

A list of the changes and canceled trains that we are currently aware of is presented below. Customers with specific train plans will be informed on that basis. For additional information about your transport, contact your usual customer coordinator at Customer Service.

  • Solbacka is operated in the evening, arrival approx. 18.30, departure approx. 21.00. the periods 230911–231019 and 2301025–231027, 231030 and 231103.
  • No traffic to/from Tunadal in the period 230904–231020.
  • Reduced capacity Sundsvall-Göteborg period 231009–231011 and 231019–231023.
  • Reduced capacity Hallsberg-Ånge-Sundsvall period 231019–231023.
  • Intermodal shuttle Trelleborg-Nässjö-Stockholm is canceled Friday 231013.
  • No traffic to/from Trelleborg Saturday 231014.
  • No traffic from Halmstad to Gothenburg on Friday 231006.
  • No traffic from Gothenburg to Halmstad Friday 231006.
  • No traffic to/from Falkenberg Friday 231006.

Track work, track and switch exchange Örebro-Frövi period 231009–231023.

  • Canceled trains and reduced capacity throughout the network.
  • Will mean longer lead times.
  • Will mean changed departure times and arrival times

Track work Gothenburg Harbor Line, period 231005–231008.

  • Reduced capacity in general throughout Gothenburg.
  • No traffic to/from Pölsebo, Gothenburg Älvsborgshamnen, Gothenburg Eurobridge, Gothenburg Bilhamnen, Centralharpan, Gothenburg Volvo, Gothenburg Kville, Gothenburg Skandiahamnen.

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