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Track maintenance impact on traffic in December

Below you can see what we currently know about changes and canceled trains. Customers who drive according to specific driving plans are transported according to these. For further information about your particular transport, contact your regular customer coordinator at Customer Service.

Traffic takes place on all non-holiday weekdays with the exception of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve and the adjustment below.

  • Transports to Osby have a 24-hour longer lead time in the period 231205–231208.
  • Intermodal shuttle Trelleborg-Nässjö-Stockholm round trip is canceled 231225, 231226, 240106.
  • Intermodal shuttle Trelleborg-Malmö-Gothenburg round trip is canceled 231207, 231210, 231211, 231219, 231224, 231225, 231231.
  • Transports from Sölvesborg to Gothenburg have a 24-hour longer lead time in the period 231219–231221.
  • Ystad is served on Wednesday 231227 and Thursday 240102.
  • Köping is served Monday, Wednesday, Friday in the period 231204–231222.

Track work Gothenburg Harbor Line, period 231208–231211

  • Reduced capacity in general throughout Gothenburg.
  • No traffic to/from Pölsebo, Gothenburg Älvsborgshamnen, Gothenburg Eurobridge, Gothenburg Bilhamnen, Centralharpan, Gothenburg Volvo, Gothenburg Kville, Gothenburg Skandiahamnen.

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