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Large amounts of snow and problems with snow removal at Ånge railway yard affect our traffic

The heavy snowfall that moved in over Medelpad and Ånge in the beginning of the week (v46) has created problems with large amounts of snow at our railway yard in Ånge. The infrastructure manager has not been able to ensure effective snow removal, which has resulted in us having major problems maintaining our shunting production at Ånge railway yard.

This has had a major impact on our traffic, as the limited capacity to shunt has resulted in our customers' trains not being able to be produced in the network to the desired extent.

Unfortunately, we see that even during the beginning of next week we will not have full access to the tracks, which are required for our production. We have an ongoing dialogue with the infrastructure manager and maintenance managers for quick action.

For further information about your transport, please contact your customer service representative.

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