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Traffic disruptions due to the storm Pia – Green Cargo declares force majeure

As a result of the storm Pia with heavy rainfall and strong winds, the Swedish Transport Administration closes certain sections. Green Cargo's traffic on these affected routes will be redirected to alternative routes to the extent that we can secure resources and gain access to track capacity.

Currently closed tracks and routes in Sweden:

  • Rååbanan (Helsingborg – Vallåkra – Teckomatorp)
  • Malmö - Trelleborg

Even in Denmark, traffic that passes the Great Belt Bridge has been closed due to the storm Pia, which affects international transport.

We are in constant dialogue with the Swedish Transport Administration to get continuous forecasts for how long the tracks will be closed to find out how this affects our traffic and if we can reroute our transports, but the tracks will likely be closed for the next day or days.

Green Cargo will invoke Force Majeure for all traffic that has already been prevented and will continue to be prevented due to the storm Pia.

For further information about your transport, please contact your customer service representative.

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