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Stop in rail traffic north of Vännäs

The Swedish Transport Administration has decided that there will be a traffic stop north of Vännäs to the Norwegian border, due to low temperatures. The forecast when the traffic can run again is 12:00 Thursday 4/1-24. Please note that the forecast may change depending on how the temperature in the area develops.

No trains that have an arrival or departure location north of Vännäs will depart in the next 24 hours. The trains that run in Norrland right now may be driven to the final station.

Green Cargo is following developments closely and is in continuous dialog with the Transport Administration regarding the affects on our traffic.

Green Cargo invoke force majeure for all traffic affected by Trafikverket’s decision to stop all rail traffic north of Vännäs starting 4th January at 1200 due to extremely low temperatures.

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