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Large amounts of snow and inadequate snow removal cause traffic disruptions

As a result of the recent days' snowstorms in combination with inadequate snow removal, large parts of Green Cargo's network are experiencing production disruptions. This affects the infrastructure, including marshalling yards and main lines, as well as vehicles, with a large number of ice-covered locomotives. The traffic disruptions lead to both delays and cancellations.

At Hallsberg's marshalling yard, shunting operations were halted during the night towards Thursday, and traffic is unlikely to resume during the day on Thursday due to a lack of snow removal. The stop in shunting operations unfortunately causes ripple effects throughout the entire network (locomotive and staff circulation, as well as cancelled and rebooked volumes).

Infrastructure problems on the Main Line through Upper Norrland, primarily with snow removal on the stretch northward from Långsele towards Vännäs.

Problems along the Norrland coast from Sundsvall up to Skellefteå with snow depths of up to 30 centimeters combined with strong winds, creating difficult traffic conditions. Depending on the snow removal efforts, delays and cancellations cannot be ruled out.

Green Cargo is experiencing a strained vehicle situation due to the weather conditions, particularly on the locomotive side, where several vehicles are out of service, partly due to icing.

Green Cargo has a dedicated team working on disturbance management and maintaining dialogue with the Swedish Transport Administration.

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