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Track maintenance impact on traffic in April

Below you can see what we currently know about changes and canceled trains. Customers who drive according to specific driving plans are transported according to these. For further information about your particular transport, contact your regular customer coordinator at Customer Service.

  • No traffic to/from Falköping Monday 240415.
  • No traffic to/from Bålsta 240408–240409 and 240416.
  • No traffic to/from Maschen 240329–240401.

Easter traffic

Traffic takes place on all non-holiday weekdays with the exception of the adjustment below.

  • Stenungsund is operated on Friday 240329.
  • Hässleholm is operated on Thursday 240328.
  • Ystad is operated on Tuesday 240402
  • No traffic to Alvesta and Vislanda Thursday 240328.

Gothenburg harbor railway closed period 240328 at 14.00 to 240401 at 2 p.m

  • No arriving and departing traffic between the above times.
  • Traffic from Älvsborgshamnen departs 12.00 Thursday 240328.
  • The line Gothenburg Älvsborgshamnen – Malmö – Trelleborg canceled 240328, 240331.
  • Line Trelleborg – Malmö – Gothenburg Älvsborgshamnen canceled 240328, 240331

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